Blogspiration – August

Originally Posted August 2018

For this month’s Blogspiration, I am supposed to share what I have learned in terms of my business but this whole summer was entirely a learning experience, period. So this would be a great platform to share the things that I learned and give an update on my summer.

‘Be careful of what you wish for’ is a phrase I truly understand thanks to this summer. That’s because when I completed my semester all I wished was for summer to go by quickly so I can get school done and over with. Now it’s August and I am confused. Where did June and July go? Where are all my road trips I claimed that I was going to take? How am I still struggling to save? Why is school nearing and I am not even nearly organized? A lot of thoughts…

There were a lot of things that happened that wasn’t expected, which is something that ALWAYS happens to me, so I always need to have a plan a and b etc. There were so many things – financially, mentally, and physically – that it made it almost impossible to do what I exactly planned. So to all those I promised epic car rides and adventures to….. sorry. Maybe as a graduation celebration, I may consider it again since it is something that I want to highly do. Even all my landscape photoshops I wanted to do had to be reduced to local but it didn’t stop me from taking pictures this summer. 

Another lesson I learned was that Word of Mouth is an actual thing. I wasn’t sure how well it worked because, in the past, it was hard to keep friendships just because I felt exhausted from being the one maintaining it and there were other things that happened that made me not want to socialize. There were some friends that still stuck around regardless of that whole thing and saw what I had worked on. When the opportunity came up, I became an option. That was exciting and also nerve-wracking because you want to do well for your friends. I haven’t graduated yet so I still consider this a beginning. 

Lastly, it’s okay to be out of your comfort zone. In addition to trying to surround myself with like-minded people (which has been a goal this year), I tried going to some events to network, meet new people, and to support local events. There is this feeling about talking to people that have interests and goals in life that makes it more motivating to strive for your own goals. So through these interactions so far I have learned plenty of things related to business and have made possible future business relationships but only time will  tell. If they don’t develop into solid business projects, it wouldn’t hurt because it could turn into something else or other connections can stem from it. 

I think those are the main three lessons I have learned this summer. What lessons have you learned this summer? Has your summer been going as planned?

Let me know below!

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